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At some point in the not too distant future it will be necessary for me to go "offline" with the Grainger High web page. I do not have a successor who can takeover maintenance of the files, operate and pay the cost of the domain and server. There are about 2000(150 megabytes) items of text and images, not including the software to edit and FTP files. This project is one of my hobbies and I have enjoyed providing it's content for Grainger alumni.

Rather than just trashing all the files. I will offer to provide an "offilne" copy in the form of a USB flash drive. The these flash drives will be compatible to both PC and Mac computers. Browser compatibility: Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. These drives in low quantity are about $4-5 each so I will offer to make them available for $10 including shipping.

Am not taking any orders at this time but hope to get some indication of interest. Please advise (Mail) if you are interested in a purchase. No iPad or Tablet version will be available as these devices do not support required access.


Recent Losses: Robert Thompsom Anderson('67) April / Grace Walker(Sanders)('56) March / Aubrey Bronstein('48) February / Ramona Hill(Hoffman)('53?) January / William Edward Curle('56) January / Barbara Boney(Adams)('46) December / Vencie Jean Bishop(Jackson)('55) December

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